Melissa Trinchere: Somewhere between dark-pop and comedy!

Who said darkness couldn’t be entertaining? We tend to compartmentalize the world and always think in black and white. However, darkness and light can intertwine, and the music of Melissa Trinchere is a perfect example of that! 

Melissa is an artist and songwriter with a unique touch. She makes music with a dark twist, and writes many songs that you could call melancholic - However, there is also a different side to her creative music. She isn’t just a somber songwriter, but also a witty comedienne who doesn’t always take herself too seriously in her songwriting, and life! 

Recently, Melissa released a single titled "Coarse Salt", is a perfect example of her creativity. The track has a very energetic sound, but at the same time, it reveals the artist’s ability connect with the audience on a deeper level. There’s lots in store for Melissa, as she is about ready to release an upcoming track titled “Never Gonna Be The Same Again.” This song has a beautiful and textural soundscape, with some lush electronic pads serving as a perfect backdrop to her beautiful vocals, at times reminiscent of artists like Lana Del Rey or Amy Lee. 

Speaking of comparisons, if you like Fiona Apple, Daughter, Regina Spektor or Depeche Mode, this one’s for you!