Hello there! My name is Melissa. 

Growing up in the 1980's and 1990's, I was a goth who always had my nose in a book. I fell in love with poetry as a child and began writing my own as a pre-teen. 
I soon grabbed a tape recorder and sang melodies to my poems, which was the natural next step for me since both of my parents and my uncle were professional musicians. Once I started recording myself, there was no stopping me. 


In 2004, I began releasing music as Melissa Trinchere and released 4 studio albums worth of moody, singer-songwriter "sad bastard" music. 
My influences ranged from 90's RnB, Hip hop, funk/soul, alternative grunge to electro-pop with ethereal voices. I also began performing small shows in Southern CA and Ireland; I performed live at the Osta Cafe sessions in Sligo, Ireland—opening for John Spillane and Rory Gallagher (from the Revs) in 2007 and 2008. 


During the 2010's, motherhood slowed down my pursuit of music, but I managed to deliver haunting vocals for a Twilight Short Stories indie film, in a clip called "Lose You," and a CW show, called "I Ship It."  Both were written by film composer, Brian Grider. 

During the pandemic, I began going through a transformation and I have re-emerged as “Sloe Honey.” My music is evolving, but I will always sing about love, heartache, death, and the divine Universe. 

my newest release is an ep called, "a cup of joe" (self produced, and co-produced by skyler hill). it consists of 5 songs that span a short lived, but passionate and tumultuous relationship. the sound can be described as: if james blake had a baby with fiona apple and regina spektor.