1. Modern Romance

From the recording Modern Romance

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Modern Romance

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Written and Performed by Melissa Trinchere
Produced by Evan Bradford
Vocals and Piano: Melissa Trinchere


I know why
You want
Me to stay
You think
That I
Am your maid
And you
Want me to
Clean up
After you
And your things
Your things
You have so many things
But I won’t
I can have any other man
That I want
Mamma told me so
And you think
That you have me by
The throat
But you don’t
So I won’t

I know why
You want
Me to go
You think
That you need
You need to be alone
All alone
And you
Want me out
Of your hair
You want me anywhere
But here
But here
Anywhere but here, oh
Here, oh
But you don’t
You don’t want any other girl
You told me so
And so
Did my soul
So I
I won’t
I won’t go
I won’t go
I won’t go
I won’t go
No, I