Continuing the focus on the Art (and a new single coming!)

This year has been pretty frustrating, and let's be honest, an absolute shit show. And I don't really know anyone who thinks any differently. Even still, I remain positive. Why? What is the alternative? Shrivel up and die? Nah. I'm…


New EP pre-production, new single, new focus.

It's that time again where I begin the planning phase of my next record. I was going to keep the title a secret. Build some mystery. Fuck mystery. It's called, "Lovesick". I am hoping it will be 8 songs. These…



Being a "creative" sometimes feels more like a curse than a blessing.

Gone are the days where I could shut out the world when the Muse came to visit me. 
Now I find myself telling her, "Ack! I can't! My…